They say ‘everyone is beautiful on the inside’, or that, ‘the beauty lies on the inside and not on the outside’, we also hear that ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

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    About Us

    Salon is a place of art and beauty:

    They say ‘everyone is beautiful on the inside’, or that, ‘the beauty lies on the inside and not on the outside’, we also hear that ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’. All the quotes do depict truth in the most crude form and thus have real value in them. But we say, if beauty lies on the inside then a salon is the perfect place to bring it out, if the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder then let’s turn their eyes towards you. Salon is a place where beauty is created, nurtured and cherished. Thus if beauty is an art , the salon is an arthouse.


    Beauty and Grooming Courses:

    As mentioned earlier, beauty routines and grooming are an intricate task. There are various regimens for grooming and make-up. These require the artists to have a thorough knowledge of many protocols for various applications. The salon artists need to have knowledge of hair cuts, grooming, beard styling, make-up application, nail art and hair coloring methods. Apart from the protocols for all these categories, we also have to be able to understand the brand-specific variations for all of the above techniques. Thus the job of a salon artist contains multilayered and dynamic techniques, and therefore it needs a professional level of training for all of them. All these techniques are covered at LooksMatter academy for salon training and we offer short term beauty courses in Pune.


    Short term Courses at LooksMatter Academy:

    There are numerous techniques associated with the latest trends in the Salon industry. Also these trends are dynamic and keep on changing as per new additions and changes in styling and fashion regimens around the world. Therefore you need to keep track of these developments and have a quick session for orienting yourself towards new best practices in the industry. Short term beauty and grooming courses at LooksMatter academy are the best way to keep yourself in the know-how of the salon industry. We offer quick courses for you to understand and be able to grasp new skills in the optimum time-frame. Our short term vocational courses in Salon techniques, teach you the perfect skills for the best career in the salon game. There are various different training sessions that we undertake for a multitude of methods, throughout the year. Our sessions are highly rated by our students for versatility, effective teaching, quick and easy learning, hands-on approach and short time. We offer different courses for Hair styling, Hair cutting, Make-up, Airbrushing, Personal grooming and bridal make-up. Our courses provide a detailed syllabus that is covered in a short span of time. These features are a very rare combination and LooksMatter has excelled in this form of short training courses in Pune. LooksMatter Salon covers all the important aspects of highly professional courses which are sure to give your career a shimmering golden start. So join now for Short term beauty courses at LooksMatter academy in Pune.


    About LooksMatter Salon and academy:

    The LooksMatter is one the most prominent salons in Pune city. We have a presence at a prime location in the city and have been rated best by our clients. We have a loyal customer base and we always try to provide the best services to them. The salon is equipped with the latest high end equipment that is used to provide best in class beauty  and wellness services to all our customers. Apart from this, our salon has ample space with vast seating and waiting areas, hygienic facilities, routine sanitization drives and safe salon practice methods. This ensures that the clients enjoy the best pampering session in a safe environment, this is the most important requirement in this current situation. We employ the best professionals from the salon industry and their expertise in specific techniques is hugely impactful in providing the best quality by us. All our professional hair stylists, make-up artists and grooming service providers are certified professionals and also have been employed in the industry for a very long time. Thus the LooksMatter salon is able to provide best quality beauty, grooming and wellness services to our entire client base. 

    Due to the professionalism that we have at our salon, we also are able to inculcate similar values to students that enroll in our courses at the LooksMatter academy for wellness services. All our students get hands-on experience while training at the academy. The hands-on sessions include usage of the most recent and high end equipment that we have at the academy. Our students receive the most optimum training skills from our trainers. Because our trainers are industry professionals with huge experience, they provide students with an optimum learning. We host a small number of  students for each batch and thus ensure that every student gets individual attention. Our trainers provide live demo and practical training to students so that they are able to grasp real life situations that may arise in the future. Thus our courses have a professional yet personalized touch to them. Our short term courses provide all these best features and are designed to effectively impart all this knowledge in a short amount of time. We also provide certification for all the different short term courses one the student completes the entire course successfully. Our certification is valid in the industry and is accepted by big names in the salon industry. So enroll at the best beauty training academy in Pune for the most aesthetically designed short term training courses in Grooming, Beauty, Hair styling and wellness services.


    Salient features of the Short term courses at LooksMatter academy:

    1. All the aspects of most important techniques are covered in short span of time
    2. The courses are designed to provide an optimum amount of knowledge and skills.
    3. We host small batches for personalized training.
    4. Our short term courses are taught by most experienced professionals in our salon.
    5. We provide hands-on training to each and every student.
    6. The certification provided for our training is valid and is influential in landing you a job at prominent salons.


    Short term courses available at LooksMatter academy:


    Corporate Make-up course

    Personal Grooming course

    Basic Hairstyling course

    Creative Cuts course

    Bridal Makeup course

    Airbrush makeup

    Hair up-styles course



    I have learned new skills at the LooksMatter academy, they are the best training institute for many beauty related courses. I am thankful to the trainers and the institute for their extreme support and training.


    The LooksMatter academy has the best trainers and latest high end equipment in the salon industry. Their hands-on training approach is a sure way to garner skills in a competitive environment. 


    We had enrolled for a short term course in Grooming and Hairstyle at the Looks Matter academy and I am glad to say that they are the best training institute for short term courses. I highly recommend everyone to have at least a visit at their location and then decide.



    Developed and designed to be relevant, forward thinking, and unlock creative potential. The courses at our Academy, for both beginners and professionals, are delivered with passion and years of expertise.Established with enviable concept to offer exceptional levels of support and guidance. Following traditional and International teaching methods with unique protocols students not only achieve professional qualifications but also benefit with impressive and rewarding careers.


    Faq Section

    We have courses for basic hairstyling, airbrushing, makeup, bridal makeup, personal grooming and other corporate makeup courses.

    As the name implies they are short term courses, you can check on our website or contact us for exact duration of different courses that we offer under this category.

    Yes, all our courses have hands-on experience, you will be aligned with a professional guide and provided a live demo and practical during the entire course.

    For any fees related questions you can contact us on the numbers. We accept online and cash payments for fees.