The dash of a blue in between all red hairs, a neon streak running against the black, and a tinge of burgundy to cover all the whites

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    About Us

    Hair dressing, styling and coloring:

    The dash of a blue in between all red hairs, a neon streak running against the black, and a tinge of burgundy to cover all the whites. Hair colors come in different shades, each depicting the personality of the wearer, their individuality. It's a method to stand out in the crowd of monotony, a personal pursuit of something called happiness. A person's soul can be viewed through their hair color, a statement is made and a judgement is passed on. Being a hairstylist means being able to depict the person as they view themselves, a hairdresser personifies the very idea of people about themselves, to make the world see the person for being what they are. Hairdressing is a unique art form, the art of a hairdresser is always on display, moving, meeting new people and getting admired by the world on a daily basis. Thus it's not just a random paint job but a tedious, careful and skilled work and will therefore require you to understand the intricate art of hair coloring and styling. There are multiple layers of approaching a hair color, trying to understand what the client wants, imagining the best possible way to achieve it and then bringing their thoughts to reality. All of these require a deeper sense of comprehension and a perfectly skilled persona. We at LooksMatter are always in a pursuit of achieving perfection in the art of hairstyling. So join us and have a great journey of learning by enrolling in hair colour technician courses at LooksMatter academy in Pune. 


    LooksMatter Salon and Academy:

    LooksMatter academy and Salon are a prominent name in the beauty services industry in Pune. We have a very large and loyal customer base, and our services are regarded as of the highest standards in the city. We have a presence in a prestigious area in Pune and our academy has been constantly rated best in social media and google reviews. The LooksMatter salon is the best provider for Hairstyling, Grooming, Nail care and Bridal Makeup services in Pune. We have been in this industry for several years and have garnered tremendous experience and praise in our work. We hire the best professionals in the industry, who have huge work experience in the Salon industry. We have a large staff for handling different sections and all of them have expertise in their relevant field. With multiple experts working alongside each other the salon has a very vibrant and rich environment. 

    We have spacious interior design with best in class salon infrastructure. Everything from the chair and mirror to all the equipment that are used for services are sanitised and cleaned perfectly. We believe in providing the best we can in the most safe and hygienic way possible. We have a large seating and waiting area, the chairs and spa tables are placed at distance from each other and staff takes all the necessary precautions. All this efforts are something that are greatly required in this particular industry and we are proud to follow them efficiently. Apart from hygienic practices, we also host the best and latest equipment available in the industry. When our high end utilities and experienced staff come together to provide the customers, it makes the experience a magical journey of relaxation and pampering. It will be a highly effective way of learning the best hair cutting and colouring courses in Pune from LooksMatter academy.


    Hair colouring courses for beginners:

    No one learns all the skills at the beginning of their life. So even if you haven't handled any scissors in your hand, even if you have never held the brushes earlier, don't deter yourself from joining this awesome course. We undertake the hair coloring and hair cutting course for all levels of professionals from beginners to experts. We have designed a perfect methodology to train and assist budding aspirants in their new career choice. Our modern designed course for hair coloring will inculcate the students with basics of  hair coloring and hair styling techniques, methods and protocols for application of the colors, utilization of various brands with their product specifications, along with trimming and cutting of hairs. All these basic knowledge will be apt for the students to begin their careers in the salon industry. As hair styling and coloring are the  most requested  services in any parlor these will surely be helpful in getting a tremendous amount of exposure and work in the industry. All our courses are taught by handpicked professionals who have huge experience and skill sets. Their expertise helps students to garner the best quality of skills and knowledge. All the modules in the hair coloring and hairdressing course have hands-on training protocol, so students will be able to look at the techniques and implement them on a regular basis. So join the hair color classes for beginners at LooksMatter academy in Pune and start a new career.


    Advanced Hair coloring courses at LooksMatter:

    Hair coloring and styling sector is a dynamic sector, there are always new trends and updated procedures in the industry. It’s therefore necessary to keep yourself up to date about the latest trends, new bands and recent methodologies. The LooksMatter academy’s advanced hair colouring courses help even the old professionals to acquire such new skills and improve their existing skills. Our advanced level skill training helps the students gain insight on new protocols and techniques,  utilization of new machines and equipment for hair coloring and grooming, brand specific training and other high end services. We also train the students for salon management, business development and personality training which is very helpful for them to run their own salon businesses. So enroll at the LooksMatter academy for advanced training in Hair coloring in Pune.

    Salient features of hair colour training at LooksMatter in Pune:

    • Leading provider of professional services in Pune
    • Best quality equipment to work and train with.
    • Experienced professionals as trainers.
    • Industry accepted certifications.




    The LooksMatter training is very helpful for understanding concepts in hair styling. I am very happy with the course and highly recommend this to everyone who wishes to make a great career in hair coloring and hair dressing.


    Thank you for the best hair coloring guide. The training has very high quality trainers and best hair stylists to guide you through the methods. This is a very high quality course.


    I am a beginner in this career and joining LooksMatter for this course was the best decision I took. The course was very easy to understand and helpful to learn. Thank you for the great start to my career.



    All the hair cutting and colouring courses at LooksMatter academy are industry certified. The certificate courses have been recognised by leading salon chains, and big brands in cosmetic and hair care. The course will not just help you upgrade your skills but also be helpful in landing you a great career option. We undertake rigorous training and certifications are provided only upon completion of the courses, this has made our certification relevant and prestigious in the salon sector.


    Faq Section

    There are no basic requirements and anyone with an interest in hair coloring can enroll for the course.

    There are different levels of courses from beginner to advanced levels for the hair coloring training at LooksMatter academy. Please refer to the relevant sections on our website.

    The syllabus and duration vary according to the course type. We have a detailed sheet for the information. So please go through it before enrolling.

    Yes, all our courses provide hands-on experience so you will be aligned with a professional guide during the entire course.

    For the fees related queries contact us on the number below for detailed fee structure. Also we accept online and cash payments for fees.