Cosmetology is the art and science of applying beauty products and various make-up routines. Cosmetology inculcates various techniques for beautification of hairs, skin, nails and face

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    Cosmetology Courses at LooksMatter

    Cosmetology is the art and science of applying beauty products and various make-up routines. Cosmetology inculcates various techniques for beautification of hairs, skin, nails and face. Students have to learn about these body parts, the basic knowledge of general concepts in these parts and learning various skills and techniques required for the beauty treatment.

    The cosmetologists are professionals who are trained and licensed to perform cosmetic treatments for hair, skin and nails. The cosmetologists can have specialized skills in hair cutting, styling, nail art, skin and hair analysis and beauty product technicians. Thus, a cosmetologist can have multifaceted skills that are present in the Salon Industry.

    Is cosmetology a great career option?  
    Cosmetologists are required to have a deep understanding of various beauty regiments, different skills required for treatment of different body parts, understanding basic physiology of hairs, skin and nails and technical knowledge of various chemicals and products used for treatment. Cosmetology education involves very sound understanding and has complex layers of knowledge associated with the skill. Therefore, the cosmetologists are highly revered in the industry and are also paid well all around the country. Also, since our country has started getting economic prosperity, everyone has started having higher expectations from the service sector and this has consequently resulted in increased quality in the Salon industry as well. The tremendous increase of wellness providers all around India has also resulted in the increased job opportunities in all the sectors of the Salon industry. Therefore the job of cosmetologist is surely a great career choice in the current world. We at LooksMatter UniSex Salon have prepared the best cosmetology course in Pune. 

    LooksMatter Academy In Pune:
    LooksMatter Salon and the academy are one of the best wellness and beauty care providers in Pune. Our salon has a presence at a prime location in the city. The salon and academy have been in the industry for a long time and have been providing quality services to clients in the Aundh area. We have generated a loyal base of customers in the area and our services are best rated by the clients. We excel in providing the highest rated hair treatment, beauty treatment and nail care services. LooksMatter hires the best professionals with specialized skill sets in all the various aspects of beauty and wellness services. Our staff has tremendous experience in the industry and have been working in the sector for a very long time. Our artists in the salon have a great personality and understanding of the latest trends and methods for various treatments. Apart from the best artist with huge experience, we also have the latest equipment in the salon industry. Most high end services utilize the newest and most advanced equipment for best quality treatment. The staff has hands-on knowledge to use these equipment and have been using these to provide best hair and skin services. Our academy is spacious, with comfortable seating and a waiting area. We maintain strict hygiene routines, we have the best in class infrastructure. Separate sections for barbering, spa and manicure-pedicure. Overall, the LooksMatter salon and academy are one of the top rated beauty and wellness services providers in Pune. These features will be very helpful for you if you enroll in the cosmetology trichology courses.

    LooksMatter Academy’s Diploma in Cosmetology and Beauty Care in Pune:
    The basic cosmetology and advanced cosmetics course at LooksMatter academy is a highly sought after course. We inculcate students with the most relevant industry oriented knowledge for the hair, skin and nail care services. The course guides students through the concepts like, Hair and skin types, variable skin treatments, hair cut, makeup basics and nail artistry. Our Cosmetology course in Pune will surely make you a professional in the techniques of Grooming, Make-up, Spa and facial services along with other fine and wellness techniques. As mentioned we have best in class equipment that students will learn to use. We provide hands-on training in all the above mentioned techniques. Our trainers are highly experienced salon experts and they are assigned a small batch of students. This ensures individual level attention from the trainers and a guaranteed practical knowledge to the students. Our courses are designed in a way that we can target all modules at varying levels of proficiency. Thus if we have a student with prior knowledge of certain aspects we can then provide the training in other specialized sectors,also if the students have no earlier exposure we will ensure that they receive more hours of training to ensure all of them receive at least the same level. Along with the salon based training we also provide the students with personality development and business development courses so that the students are able to handle their own business in future. This personalized method of training is what makes a course at LooksMatter standout from the rest of institutes. So enroll now at the LooksMatter training academy by searching for the best beautician course near me and you will land up with us for a Diploma in Cosmetology in Pune. 



    Certification from LooksMatter Academy:
    The Cosmetology course at LooksMatter Salon comes with a reliable and industry accepted certification on completion of the course. The certificate is provided after students go through a series of tests both practical and knowledge based. Our certificate courses are a great way to start a career in the Salon industry because our courses dont just guarantee skill sets but also job assurances in the field.

    -LooksMatter academy is the most prominent salon in the city with a huge client base.

    -We have experienced trainers and high end equipment at the institute. 

    -Students receive high quality education in Cosmetology by our trainers and certainly receive hand-on training experience.

    -The cosmetology course in Pune comes with a valuable certification which is helpful in your career in the Salon industry.

    -We provide high quality training but at really affordable prices.


    Faq Section

    No, you don't need to have any prior experience to enroll in this course. All you need is to have an interest in a salon career.

    The course covers topics from cosmetology that include Hair, Skin and Nail treatments from basic to advanced levels.

    For duration questions in cosmetology please refer to the website for more information.

    The fees and detailed payment options are provided on our website. Please contact us on our number for specific details..

    The course inculcates hands-on training to all the students, so yes you will receive live and demo sessions with real clients.