Hairdressing was a casual business for many years in India, the demand for professional quality hair stylist was missing and most of the clients preferred the local corner barber shops. As standard of living all across India is increasing

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    About Us

    Rise in Grooming Trends:

    Hairdressing was a casual business for many years in India, the demand for professional quality hair stylist was missing and most of the clients preferred the local corner barber shops. As standard of living all across India is increasing, There is a consequent growth in demand for skilled, proficient hair stylists in all small and large cities across India. High quality and luxury Salons have started popping up in big cities and the requirement for hairstyling and grooming professionals have risen tremendously. Public in general have started looking up for qualified and skilled professionals to take care of their hair and grooming needs. All these factors have made it relevant for professionals in the Salon industry to undertake professional courses for grooming and hairstyling. We have started a professional hair care course at LooksMatter Academy. This course provides students with the best quality of professional training in Hair Styling, gives a detailed understanding of new age grooming concepts and upskills the pupils by a great hands on training approach.  


    LooksMatter Salon and Academy:

    LooksMatter Unisex Salon and Training academy have been a prominent service provider for all hair, grooming, makeup and beauty needs of our clients. The salon is situated at prime location in Pune, our facility has best in class equipment for grooming needs,spacious infrastructure and highly educated staff along with a high end client’s base. We have been one the best rated salon in Pune as per the ratings and reviews on multiple social media sites. LooksMatter Salon specializes in Unisex Hairstyling, Hair Grooming and Nail art services. Our services are high quality yet they have been priced in an affordable range. We have a huge list of happy and loyal customers who come to us for all their beauty needs and styling demands. The LooksMatter beauty treatment and hair care in Pune is one the top most rated services in the City. The Salons beauty treatment and hair care in Pune has garnered widespread praises throughout the city and outside as well.


    The Hair Styling and Grooming Course at LooksMatter Academy:

    The makeup and hairstyle course in Pune, offered by LooksMAtter Academy covers most important aspects of grooming and personal styling. We provide hands-on training for the students and teach them the basic concepts in the Salon industry. Our hair cutting course in Pune contains basic and advanced syllabus which covers aspects like, Basic unisex barbering and Hair cutting, Hair dressing (females), Advanced Hair techniques, Hair coloring, and brand specific workshops.  Our grooming services training inculcates students with understanding of Unisex grooming, manicure-pedicure, Hair Spa and many other hair grooming techniques. Our training inculcates the best practices in the industry, we provide quick and relevant tips and tricks to our students. We guide students through easy methods for grooming, use of advanced equipment for hair styling and grooming, hair colouring protocols and newly designed therapies. Apart from the core training in hair styling and grooming in Pune, LooksMatter also provides Salon management, personality development training to the students. This is really helpful for them if they choose to start their own business. Our training staff consists of highly experienced professionals who are skilled and work in this industry for many years. We also have guest sessions from renowned professionals in the industry. This methodology and an overall basis of our training provides students with proper understanding of the concepts. The training sessions at LooksMatter academy have been best rated by the students for all round skill development, knowledgeable training staff and well developed methods. So come join us at LooksMatter for one of the best Hair styling and grooming courses in Pune.



    The Hair and Grooming  course at LooksMatter also comes with a qualification certificate, all the students will receive a certification from LooksMatter upon successful completion of the course. This certification is certainly a great add-on to your resume and is great enough to catapult your career in the grooming industry. All these great sessions at LooksMatter are also not very expensive, we believe in providing quality either in terms of services or training but at affordable prices. The Hair styling course in Pune by LooksMatter has been one of the most affordable courses for such a highly valued skill set. Thus our Hair styling and grooming course fees are amongst the lowest in Pune and provide the most value for money. So join one of the most worthwhile courses for hair and grooming skills at LooksMatter Academy.



    Over the years, ISAS international hairstyling school earned quite a few prestigious awards for our performance. Clients are delighted with our quality of work. We never compromise on our standards, and so we trust cosmetic brands of the best accreditation. We offer incomparable courses as per your requirement. At present, we have nearly 50 courses available, and each one of them is of an exceptional standard.Our hairstyling training school has the most competent faculty members. We are a team of more than 100 professional tutors and the staff who leave no stone unturned to teach with excellence.


    Faq Section

    The topics covered under the course are hair science, basic haircuts, hair styling, shampoo and conditioning, etc.

    For detailed course fees, please contact us via email or phone numbers provided on the website.

    The course guides you through basic and advanced hairstyling, this course will definitely land you good jobs as hair stylist, and grooming experts.

    We have regular batches opening for the hair styling and grooming. Check our website for available dates

    The courses are divided into basic and advanced levels and duration of the same depends on the type of course. Please enquire with us through mail or contact us on phone for detailed durations.