Personal grooming is a very relieving and relaxing activity. There are various routines that we undertake in our daily life in accordance with our grooming needs

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    Manicure & Pedicure: 

    Personal grooming is a very relieving and relaxing activity. There are various routines that we undertake in our daily life in accordance with our grooming needs. Nails are a very small part of our body but they also need the pampering that is deserved by all other parts of the body. To provide nails with the best care possible, humans have devised some therapies that keep your cuticles trimmed, shiny and clean. The care and grooming of nails go back to far away times, nails are an important part of the body and are used on a daily basis. Large untrimmed nails can be a safety hazard as they may get struck and  break, they may injure you or others and can cause an eyesore for the lookers. Unclean and broken nails can also be unhygienic and cause spread of diseases. Due to this it is imperative to have the nails clean, shimmer and in perfect health. Salons are a primary provider of health, beauty and wellness services to clients and thus treatment of nails is also a major business for them. We cover the treatment of nails under the terms manicure and pedicure. Manicure is the treatment of nails and fingers on the hand, whereas pedicure refers to the treatment of the foot. Various treatments are available for grooming of hand and foot and these treatments are as intricate as grooming regimens of face and hair. The manicure and pedicure treatments thus have a very important role in the Salon industry.


    Scope of Manicure and Pedicure training: 

    The manicure and pedicure are therapeutic treatments that keep your hands, feets and nails in perfect condition and healthy appearance. These treatments are generally a specialty service at most of the salon. As these are special services, Salons generally have a tremendous revenue generating from them and are thus very profitable. Due to this economical advantage that manicure and pedicure services have, the professionals having these skills are also highly sought after. There has been an increase in demand for such services all around India, this rise has now fuelled availability of career opportunities for professional manicure and pedicure artists. Manicure and pedicure services do need a good understanding of the anatomy, skin physiology and cuticle structure. Therefore a manicure/ pedicure professional will need to have deeper understanding, skills in use of many products and ability to perform complex techniques. At LooksMatter academy, we have designed a great course that inculcates all the basic and advanced techniques in the Manicure and Pedicure services.


    Certificate course in Pedicure and Manicure:

    LooksMatter Academy has been training for professional courses in the Salon industry for several years. We have garnered tremendous praises for many of our professional courses. Our training undertakes the most recent methods for various techniques in beauty and wellness services. 

    We have employed the best and most experienced professionals in this industry to train our students. Our expert trainers provide students with real world knowledge for the manicure and pedicure techniques. Their experience in the industry is very important as they provide students with relevant tips and tricks of manicure services, they also provide real time solutions to issues that are faced while implementing such services. 

    Along with experienced trainers, LooksMatter also has best in class infrastructure at our salon. We have high end equipment with the latest technology, we use them to provide high quality services to our clients more efficiently. All our students get to use the latest manicure and pedicure equipment, we also provide high class brands specific training to our students. Thus, training at LooksMatter for Manicure and Pedicure techniques guarantees that you receive hands-on experience with best in class tools and equipment. Also as we use multiple brands for providing salon treatments students get to have experience of utilizing different brands and have specific training related to the protocol for different brand products. 

    All our manicure and pedicure courses are multi level courses, we provide training for beginners and existing professionals. Our course is divided into basic, intermediate and advanced levels and we provide specific training to students based on their requirements and proficiency in the field. We employ small batches so that all our students receive individual attention and have similar hours of hands-on experience. Our live demo and hands-on training surely is helpful for students to gain confidence of handling, understand intricate techniques and have good practical knowledge of pedicure and manicure related services. Thus, come and join the best manicure and pedicure training classes in Pune at LooksMatter academy.

    The manicure and pedicure courses near me come with very valuable certification. The certificate for manicure and pedicure courses provided to our students after successful completion of the course definitely helps them in their career path. Our certificate is accepted throughout the industry and all the big and large salon brands will surely accept the certification provided by us while hiring. The certificate for manicure and pedicure courses will definitely be a positive addition on your CV. 

    All the courses that LooksMatter provides are affordable and are priced competitively to current market standards. We believe that great knowledge should not cost you a fortune and thus try to keep the prices at the lower end of the spectrum. We are proud to say that courses at LooksMatter provide the best return on investment for our students. These affordable features of training at LooksMatter surely is a necessary inclusion and one that is helpful for the students.

    Topics covered in Manicure and Pedicure courses in Pune at LooksMatter academy:

    The manicure pedicure course offered by us covers most important aspects of the treatments and has been divided significantly into basic and advanced levels. 

    We cover topics such as; Cleansing and soaking, Nail cutting shaping, nail filing methods, cuticle care for hands and toe nails, exfoliation treatments for the skin of your hand and foot. We also cover nail painting and polishing techniques, moisturizing and massage of feet, nail spa and leg spa therapies. All the mentioned topics are the most significant part of our training. Apart from the core techniques, we also provide students with business development, salon management and professional training in personal conduct. All these sessions are helpful for the students in their professional endeavor in the Salon industry.



    The manicure training at LooksMatter was very efficient. I would like to say that this is the best training in the industry and will definitely recommend it to everyone else.


    I am really happy with training at Looks Matter academy. The trainers are best in class and their experience was very helpful for me and my batch to understand complexities of manicure and pedicure services. I am very excited to begin my career in the industry.


    As a beginner I was very unsure about my career in pedicure services. But Looksmatter has given me a hope of confidence in myself and helped realize my goals and targets in this sector.



    The manicure & pedicure certification courses that we provide at LooksMatter academy in Pune have been rated as best by our students in the city. The course for manicure and pedicure inculcates all the techniques that are necessary for a professional to have a great career in this industry. Our certificate courses are carried out with extreme professionalism and provide a thorough practical and theoretical knowledge to all our students.


    Faq Section

    You don't need to have any prior knowledge of the pedicure or manicure services. The course is designed for begginer’s understanding.

    The courses are available throughout the year as per number of intake, so check on our website for recently updated dates.

    Generally speaking, we have both the courses combined and provide training for them simultaneously, however students can choose to proceed for single training if they need to have specialization in one of them.

    For fee related queries please contact us on the numbers provided on this website

    The detailed syllabus is available on our website in PDF format, please check by downloading it.