Makeup is not just about adding pompous amounts of various products on someone’s face, it’s all about creativity and skills to make someone look beautiful and sometimes extravagant

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    About Us

    Makeup is beautiful, Makeup is creativity:

    Makeup is not just about adding pompous amounts of various products on someone's face, it's all about creativity and skills to make someone look beautiful and sometimes extravagant. As said by the legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath “Creativity is your best makeup skill, don’t be afraid to experiment”. The makeup industry has been in existence for as long as humans remember. It existed in prehistoric times when women applied organic dyes to their body and face. The ancient egyptian royalties wore something similar to charcoal as eyeliners and mascara. It existed in the Medieval era where women preferred to have pale pink skins achieved by using white lead, and this practice has proliferated into the modern era with multiple products and make-up routines. The human history of cosmetics suggests that women and to some extent men have an inclination towards enhancing one's looks and style. The makeup is not just a way of making someone look more beautiful, it helps a person gain confidence, feel better, and is an artistic endeavour for many. Whatever the reasons for makeup, the final goal of clients is to look beautiful and pompous, to stand-out amongst the crowd and make a personal statement in this world. The makeup industry has been renovating itself and a new drive of professionalism and skill based work has taken a centerplace in the industry.So if you are an aspiring makeup artist and want to make a mark in this industry, it is imperative that you acquire professional level skills in makeup artistry. LooksMatter academy for makeup and beauty training have designed professional makeup artist courses in Pune. 


    LooksMatter Salon and Academy in Pune:

    We are a professional hair, makeup and beauty studio based in Pune. We have been in the industry and have garnered widespread praises from our clientele. We are amongst the best salons in Pune and our services are most affordable in the category. We have a spacious salon space with high end equipment to take care of customers' beauty and grooming needs. Our salon is located at a prime space in uptown Aundh and has a high quality client base, with huge expectations in terms of service. LooksMatter Salon employs the best artists in the industry with a tremendous amount of experience and skills in grooming, beauty and salon sector. These qualities of LooksMatter places it in a niche category of academies to provide high quality training for makeup courses in Pune. So join us at the LooksMatter academy for the best makeup artist course in Pune.


    Necessity of Makeup and beauty training:

    As the living standards have been improving across India, more people have started investing in makeup and beauty services. Many small and large cities have seen a growing number of professional salons and service providers for top class beauty and makeup services. This in turn has increased the demand for beauticians and makeup artists across India. Even though there is an increase in demand for artists, the market is still very demanding and competitive and there is an increasing requirement for highly skilled professionals. The opportunities that are available in this sector are yours to take, but they need you to be prepared in terms of skills and knowledge of makeup routines. So join us at LooksMatter Academy for a professionally oriented makeup and beauty course in Pune city.


    Makeup and Beautician course at LooksMatter Academy:

    LooksMatter has a prominent brand presence in and around Pune City. We have been providing various courses in the Salon industry for several  years. Our latest training in Makeup and Beauty course has been designed to inculcate a thorough understanding and introduces students to the latest trends in this field. As you may know, the makeup routine is a complex procedure and requires a detailed understanding of various products and their application for the optimum results. Different occasions like parties, engagements, traditional functions, wedding ceremonies, corporate events and stage performances require different sets of makeup techniques and mixing up all of them can be a blunder. We train our students to understand the different scenarios and help them make optimum choices in order to achieve perfect makeup for the occasion. We have highly trained salon professionals who have been in the industry for many years. Their wide ranging experience in the makeup industry is certainly a positive addition to our makeup and beauty course at LooksMatter academy. We have high quality equipment and our working catalog of multiple brands and services will give you a first hand knowledge of operating and utilizing them. Our training utilizes a Hands-on approach in training and our trainers provide live demonstrations of varying techniques to students. This has a major impact on students' learning process and making them self reliant. We also provide students with Salon administration and client management sessions, this prepares them to operate and run their individual business in near future. So enroll now at the Best makeup institute in Pune and learn great new techniques to prepare yourself in the salon business. 


    Salient features of makeup and beauty course at LooksMatter:

    • Small batches to provide personalized training.
    • Daily hands-on and live demo sessions.
    • Use of latest equipment and famous brands.
    • Sessions with celebrity stylists and famous makeup artists.
    • Guaranteed placement options in famous salons.

    Course reviews:


    I have received an all round training in Makeup and beautician skills at LooksMatter salon. I am very happy with the training methods and hands-on approach. I will definitely recommend it to anyone interested in Pune.


    The LooksMatter salon has the best makeup artists in Pune and their expertise have helped me in my personal endeavour. I highly admire the trainers and their skills. Thank you for the opportunity to learn at your institute.


    I have been in the salon industry for some time but needed to have a professional makeup course in pune. I came across the LooksMatter academy for this course and I am happy to say that they provide the best training in Pune city.



    The Online Makeup Academy offers an online curriculum taught by New York City industry professionals. Become a certified makeup artist and start a successful career in this exciting industry! You’ll learn everything you need to do from the basic fundamentals, all the way to the advanced techniques, including celebrity, fashion editorial, bridal, and more


    Faq Section

    We provide this course to all the aspirants in the salon industry, there is no prerequisite of any course in order to enroll in this course.

    We have concurrent batches starting for makeup and beauty courses, please contact us for exact schedules.

    For enquiry regarding makeup and beautician courses in pune fees, contact us at the academy number for an exact charge

    Yes, we provide professional and industry accepted certificates for makeup and beautician courses upon successful completion.

    For information regarding syllabus and duration of this course please contact us on our numbers.