Nails are a small part of our body, a mere speck on the hand, but they are also an important part which can hold beauty quotient for your body

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    About Us

    Nail Art:

    Nails are a small part of our body, a mere speck on the hand, but they are also an important part which can hold beauty quotient for your body. Healthy long nails with shimmering colors and clean edges are sure to turn some heads when presented. Nails do need a good amount of care, affection and love from their owners. Beautiful and elegant nails signify a person's outlook for the care that they have for their body, they demonstrate the attitude of being perfect in their conduct and their affection displays their significant investment in personal grooming.


    Trends in Nail art and Nail care:

    Nail art is not a new concept in the market, and its roots  can be traced as far back as the neolithic period where women and men alike dyed their nails with different organic products. Ever since then nails have been seen as an ornament, a natural part of our body which can be used as an object of beauty and style. This human obsession with nails has stayed forever and has gained new popularity in the current age as well. Nail services are a very popular trend in the current market with a huge amount of products, services and techniques available for the purpose. The most basic form of nail care is cutting and applying paint products, but even this can be done with intricate use of paint and different cuts to make your nails stand out. Apart from paint, manicure (for hands) and pedicure (for legs) can be done, Nail Spa services have seen an increase in popularity and various nail care products have been introduced in the market for the sole purpose of nail art and nail care. 


    Emerging Job opportunities for Nail artists:

    The market for nail based therapies is consistently on rise. With an ever increasing middle and affluent class in India, we have started to see a huge number of people starting to nail care with more seriousness. This increased demand definitely results in higher number demand for quality nail care services. Therefore the number of required professional nail care and nail art providers has been on rise since the early 2000’s. Big salons with specialized nail services have been popping up in every city across India, so they definitely need highly skilled nail artists in their businesses. Therefore the Nail artists and Nail care professionals are seeing a rising number of vacancies and a great amount of opportunities in this segment. So, it is now the best time to enroll yourself in a professional nail art course in Pune at LooksMatter Academy. 


    LooksMatter Academy for professional Beauty courses:

    LooksMatter is amongst the top salon, providing high quality beauty services to clients in Pune. We have positioned ourselves in the top 10 for certain beauty services in and around the City. We have a presence in one of the most prominent suburbs of Pune. Our client list includes people from all walks of life and they are happy to have been associated with us for their grooming needs. We also believe that best quality services should not cost a fortune and thus provide most of the services at affordable and market viable prices. We hire best professionals in the industry with tremendous work experience, our salon artists are also highly skilled in their individual crafts. They have been in practice for a long time and have worked in celebrity salons as well. We have different specialists for many different grooming routines and they have good proficiency in their trades. Our salon and academy has all the latest equipment and tools, and the professionals utilize them to provide a very modern wellness treatment for the clients.  The salon has a good infrastructure with a large spacious seating, aesthetically pleasing interiors and properly insured hygiene. With all these amenities and experience in the service industry we can ensure that LooksMatter Academy is the best provider of Nail artistry course in Pune.


    Nail art and extension course at LooksMatter academy:

    As mentioned above we are the best salon service provider in the city and  this has a huge impact on the courses we provide. Students will definitely receive the best kind of training at our academy for basic and advanced nail art training. Our experienced staff conducts live hands-on training for most of the duration of the course so students receive real world knowledge of the skills in Nail art. We have demo and practical sessions where students can work with real clients during their training. Our expert trainers in the field of Nail art and nail care will definitely provide the most industry relevant knowledge to the students. We also ensure that students receive personalized training, for this we have a small intake of students per batch and the trainers conduct personal sessions with each of the students. This ensures that all of our students receive thorough training in the art and science of nail care. The syllabus includes all the traditional and latest methods of the nail artistry and nail extension services. We provide students with skills of Nail art, Manicure-Pedicure, Nail Spa, Nail extension and Nail cutting methods. Our courses also provide students with hands-on training for the latest equipment and tools used in the nail care services. We provide different levels of training, ranging from the basic (foundation), intermediate to advanced levels. This is based on the existing knowledge of students and their learning abilities. The courses offered by us also provide students with general business knowledge and salon operation techniques. Such sessions are helpful for aspirants who want to start their own Salon businesses. All our courses are industry certified and thus are accepted for job placements at most of the salons in the city or all over India. The Nail artistry certification obtained by students after completion of the course is definitely helpful in obtaining the perfect job in the salon industry and will certainly be a positive addition on the resume. So join the most professional and high end training for the Nail artistry in Pune.


    Top features of the Nail art course at LooksMatter Academy:

    1. Best salon and academy for the Nail art and nail extension services.
    2. High quality trainers in the industry with tremendous experience.
    3. Latest equipment and tools, with best in class infrastructure. 
    4. Different levels and personalized training methodology.
    5. Hands-on training for every student.
    6. Industry accepted Certification for nail artistry, nail extension and nail care skills.
    7. Affordable and flexible  fee payment options.




    The quality and characteristics of their training is very helpful for the students in providing the best training for all the students enrolled in the nail art course. The syllabus of even the basic course is enough for students to have grasp of all the concepts.


    I had looked for many options throughout the city for best training in nail artistry. I came across LooksMatter on the internet and contacted them for a demo session. This made me sure of the quality training they provide and thus enrolled in this course. The course has been very helpful in providing good quality knowledge in nail art at an affordable price.


    I thank the trainers at LooksMatter for the grossly simoked training of all the concepts they taught me through the course. The hand-on approach really increased my confidence in skills and has prepared me for a great career in the Nail art industry.



    Candidates can search for a Nail Art academy near me and find the most renowned Institute offering Nail Art certification course. You can opt for basic to advanced level courses depending on your choice. Females, love having big and stylish nails. Their craze for having stylish nails has increased and so has the demand of Nail Artists in Pune. To cater to the demand, we, at LooksMatter Academy, have designed a career-oriented Professional Nail Art Course in Pune for aspiring pupils. At our reputed Nail Academy in Pune, we will train you in the latest nail trends and designs practically.


    Faq Section

    The basic course in nail art inculcates the students with Nail cutting techniques, cleaning services and nail paint techniques. We also [provide students with an introductory session for using most used brands in nail art.

    We have new batches inducted routinely throughout the year. Please check our website for announcements of the latest intake for various courses

    The detailed syllabus is provided on the website or else you can also contact the academy for these details.

    For fees related queries contact the academy on numbers provided below. We would like to assure you that LooksMatter has the most competitive prices for all the courses offered by us.

    Students receive the certificates immediately after successful completion of the course.