Weddings are a very lovely ceremony. Marriage signifies the meeting of two people coming together for a lifetime and therefore it’s one of the most important aspects of people’s lives. Such an event always demands special treatment for the bride and groom.

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    Bride to Beautiful:

    Weddings are a very lovely ceremony. Marriage signifies the meeting of two people coming together for a lifetime and therefore it's one of the most important aspects of people's lives. Such an event always demands special treatment for the bride and groom. In a marriage ceremony, Bride is the centre stage, the limelight, the focal point for the entire event. She is the glowing bright torch and all the eyeballs are tipped towards her. It is therefore customary for the bride to be prepared, ready to admiration from everyone, on this very special occasion of her life. A bride needs that special treatment before her grand day and this treatment should be the best offering for her uptil now. Bridal make-up is thus one of the most complex and tedious make-up processes in the industry. The final outcome of which is always a pretty and elegant lady who is ready for the most important occasion of her life. Thus it's an art of the artist to make the bride a beautiful and admirable character for the entire day.

    Bridal make-up services:

    Throughout human history there has been a tradition of applying makeup by men and women alike. Similarly, wedding occasion invites this  activity to be done on a grandeur scale. Not just the bride and groom but entire attendees at the marriage look as pompous as they can. Bridal make-up is a fascinating job, where as artists, we have to ensure that our artistry stands out from the crowd and the attractiveness and glow of our subject remains throughout the day. As ancient as the practice is, there are new and modern methodologies that have come up in this sector and also there always remains new trends to be explored. Bridal make-up from the standpoint of the bride is one of the most important makeup of her life, and is thus required to be done with utmost care. Whereas from an artist stand point it remains a high end art which needs to be delivered as better as possible. Thus, there is always a requirement of proficiency, care and high quality skills in the bridal makeup service. As it is a very niche  segment with very high skill requirements, it is also one of the most rewarding sectors in the entire beauty and wellness industry. To make a career in this particular segment you will definitely need the best trainers and institute to guide you through it. To make that noteworthy, a bridal course at LooksMatter Academy can obviously be a good start to attaining your career goals.


    LooksMatter Academy:

    LooksMatter Salon and the academy in Pune are a top class health, beauty and wellness services provider. We adhere to the best and most high quality practices in the salon industry. We have a presence of several years in Pune and are located at one of the most prominent places in the city. The salon has been providing salon treatments ranging from hair cut, facial, nail art, skin therapies, spa treatments and various types of make-up services. We have best in class infrastructure, a large salon complex, with spacious seating and working areas and pleasant interiors. We follow the most strict hygiene and sanitization protocols at our salon to keep our clients and employees safe. Our salon employs the best and most experienced salon artists, they also have specialized skills with years of work experience in their fields. Together with all these features, we at LooksMatter Academy are able to provide basic to luxury services for beauty and wellness treatments throughout the year. As we have a loyal customer base who regard our services as the best, we have been able to continue our pursuit of perfection for all these years. So we would like to reiterate that LooksMatter academy is the perfect place to get yourself trained in bridal make-up courses in Pune.


    Diploma and certificate courses at LooksMatter academy for Bridal makeup and wedding makeup training:

    LooksMatter academy has through years of experience in training designed a perfect bridal makeup course for beginner and professional students. We provide the best training for these niche segments in the salon industry. Our courses have widespread fame in the city and have been influential in making successful career stories around Pune city. We have multiple levels of bridal makeup and beautician courses in Pune. We offer Diploma courses, short term courses and certificate courses of different durations throughout the year. All our courses are industry certified, they are accepted at all the major salons and beauty service providers in India. We ensure that students receive the best quality knowledge while learning at our institute. We have designed a very versatile beautician and bridal makeup course that inculcates students with thorough understanding of complex makeup techniques, optimum utilization of different products, application of brand specific products and gaining hands-on skills for bride make-up. We have best trainers at our disposal who provide our students with the best knowledge of the industry and prepare them for this tedious makeup routine. Their expertise and skills surely help students gain industry relevant knowledge from them. We host small batches of students, so that every one receives individual attention and gains a similar level of skills by the end of the training programme. Because of small batches we ensure that every student receives hands-on practical training for every aspect of the course. Our expert trainers provide students live demonstrations so that they can see by themselves the effects of different make-up products and their application techniques. Each and every student also gets to work on live clients so that they are ready to handle all the cases by themselves by the end of the course. Our practical training methodology has been influential in making a great career for our students. Apart from these core training techniques, we also have sessions for business development and salon management. This along with personality enhancement and soft skills sessions are conducted for our students so that they are better able to present themselves to the world. Thus, training at LooksMatter academy provides students with an overall knowledge and leads to a successful career for all of them. The courses offered by us at LooksMatter for Bridal makeup are Diploma course in Bridal makeup, Bridal makeup certificate course, basic wedding makeup course, short term bridal makeup course and professional bridal makeup course.


    The bridal makeup course is really a complicated routine, however the trainers at this academy helped me understand the topics smoothly. Thanks to their experienced and calm nature, I have been able to grasp all the things that were taught to me.

    LooksMatter is the most prominent name in this part of the city and having learned from them is a symbol of prestige for me. Thank you LooksMatter for a great learning experience. 

    Bridal makeup course is a great addition to my skill set and having learned it from LooksMatter made it more fascinating.  I am glad to have joined in at LooksMatter and highly recommend this course to everyone.



    Our detailed Bridal Make-up Course in Pune will take you from a basic bridal makeup application to an advanced bridal makeup specialist level. It will be taught by a high profile industry Makeup Artist, which will give you an unbeatable skill set and a unique and creative approach to applying makeup. During this course you will learn a variety of tips and tricks that will enhance the bride on her special day. Bridal Make- Up Course is for those who wish to learn basic to advance skills in Professional Bridal Make-Up Artistry. It is suitable for both beginners and those who wish to refresh their make-up skills for use in today's competitive environment.


    Faq Section

    No, you don't need to have any prior working experience to enroll for a bridal makeup course. You just need to have an interest in a bridal makeup career.

    For all the duration and syllabus related questions in bridal makeup courses please refer to the website for more information.

    Yes, you are entitled to work on live clients before the end of your course, so you may get ample opportunity to hab=ve hands-on experience.

    For all the duration and syllabus related questions in bridal makeup courses please refer to the website for more information.